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Do you want to do things right? Trust these garage door tips before you start maintaining the system

Checking the garage safety reverse mechanism

According to our experts in Sayville, you should begin by working inside the closed structure. Put a mark on the floor below the opener. You should then push the wall button to open. Place a wooden object on the mark so that the structure falls on it. The structure should retract and open completely.

Lubricating sectional garage doors

This is one of the best ways of extending the life span of the structure. In any case, grinding and squeaking are warning signs for you to act now. Check out all the metal moving parts, removing the dust first before applying a high quality lubricant, preferably from silicon. Grease is undesirable because it traps dirt.

When your garage door doesn’t open

Don’t force it open, because if there is a problem with the spring it could come crushing back down. This would be dangerous and could harm or even kill the person in the door's path.

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